Inventory Exchange Program



Dear valued customer,

At Cole + Parker, we appreciate that retailers have been navigating a very challenging new retail landscape these past 3 years.

Your success and your growth are very important to Cole + Parker, and we want to work with you to the best of our capabilities to assure your profitable sell-through of our socks.

To this effect, Cole + Parker offers an “Inventory Exchange” program for slow moving SKUs located at your store.

To qualify for this program, we ask that you agree to these two conditions:


1. All invoices will be paid in full.

2. You will incur the costs of shipping to and from Cole + Parker.


    To take advantage of this program, please send your request to with “Inventory Exchange Program” in the subject line.

    Be assured that we recognize you have many choices in suppliers, and we sincerely thank you for your business. We strive to delight you with our products and services.

    The Cole + Parker Team



    Size Guide

    Our sock are measured in shoe sizes






    8 - 13

    41 - 47

    26 - 30


    6 – 10

    37 - 42

    23 - 26


    Turn the socks inside out

    Use mild detergent only

    Never use bleach

    Wash in cold water

    Do not tumble dry

    Do not iron

    hang the socks to dry