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Our Story

Cole + Parker is a true Canadian brand that was founded in 2013.

Like you, we love exceptionally bold, ultra-premium socks...rockin' with style, comfort and coolness.. Why? Because people notice socks. People notice your socks.

They are a reflection of your character. Your spirit.

They make a statement about who you are and what you are.

Boring socks make a statement also.

Premium Choice

Cole + Parker designs bold, colourful premium quality socks for men and women that are impossible not to notice. Our socks are made from the world’s finest yarns and knitted with pride by artisans in Turkey and Italy with centuries of experience and pride.


Not found in any big box stores or national chain, Cole + Parker socks are offered at premium apparel boutiques and golf and tennis pro shops, where you will find premium brands and, even more important, superior attention and excellent service.

Leaders + Legends

So, who are Cole + Parker? Two of the most influential jazz players of all time: John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. True originals. The coolest of the cool. Boldly going where no-one had ever gone before. Taking chances. Making a statement. Getting noticed.

Kind of like you... When you're wearing Cole + Parker socks.

Wherever high quality brands are on offer, expect to find Cole + Parker there as well. 

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Sizing + Care

MEN’S and WOMEN’S sizes are listed by SHOE SIZE.






8 - 13

41 - 47

26 - 30


6 – 10

37 - 42

23 - 26

Here are our guidelines for washing your C + P socks:

  • Turn the socks inside out  
  • Use mild detergent only
  • Never use bleach
  • Wash in cold water
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • For best results hang the socks to dry