Our Story

Like you, we love exceptionally bold, ultra-premium socks...rockin' with style, coolness, and a social conscious. Why? Because people notice socks. People notice your socks. They are a reflection of your character. Your spirit. They make a statement about who you are and what you are. Boring socks make a statement also.


Cole+Parker socks are made from the world’s finest combed cotton and crafted with pride from traditional sock merchants in Turkey. These craftspeople have been making socks for centuries - and it shows. Premium quality socks that are luxurious to touch, a dream to wear and impossible not to notice.


Cole+Parker socks are found at only two places - and at the very best gentlemen’s shoppes in North America. Walk into these stores and remember what it feels like to be pampered. These are true gentlemen’s shoppes with a definite sense of style and impeccable service. Find a Cole+Parker sock retailer in your area and you have found a lifelong fashion mentor who will ensure you are always bespoke.

1 For Many

Cole+Parker believes in giving back. 1 For Many is our way. Through a sustainable crowdfunding business model, it allows our customers to feel good about their purchases. Through Kiva, one of the world’s largest and best-run micro finance organizations, your purchases are helping us empower entrepreneurs, families and entire communities.

Thank you.


So, who are Cole+Parker? Two of the most influential jazz players of all time: John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. True originals. The coolest of the cool. Boldly going where no-one had gone before. Taking chances. Making a statement. Getting noticed.

Kind of like you..when you're wearing Cole+Parker socks.